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>> Friday, 21 June 2013

Coaching Clients at BHP Billiton, Malaysia:

Firstly, it was fun. I used this session to share my challenges at work and personal. I felt very warm and comfortable with Erika.
I experienced fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out my daily task at work and also in my personal life.

 The coaching sessions also helped me to set goals for myself. It helped me to understand how to deal with different personalities at different levels in the organisation.

 Erika is a wonderful effective coach and mentor.  In a nutshell, this coaching was a fun session which provided benefit to me at work and as an individual.

Leadership Training Programme, Oil & Gas Company, Malaysia. 

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"Make an Impact" Programme, Oil & Gas Company, Malaysia. 

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Cross Cultural Workshop, IT Company, Malaysia.

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More Testimonials Here: 


BFM Radio Interview on Stress and Burnout Prevention.



HR Linked In: Let's talk about Burn Out at Work!

A great discussion on HR Linked in prompted me to comment as below.
A great topic and a great discussion you have going here!

Here is what we do to help prevent burnout!

We use a methodology that has been developed and scientifically verified by Mag. Andrea Ristl in Austria and the university of Queensland in Australia.

Our clients undergo a 24 hour heart rate variability measurement and the data is sent for analysis to a team of experts in Vienna.

The data not only allows the client to become aware of areas of stress and tension but also gives them an unbiased view of how they are utilizing their natural talents to alleviate the stress.
Breathing quality, sleeping cycles, true biological age, level of mind-chatter are just some of the information the individual receives after their 24hr measurement.

As you know, we can all blind ourselves with devotion to our work and our goals that we lose touch with the warning signals our body gives us. Autonomtalent's methodology circumvents your logic and reasoning and goes directly to the best source for answers: your own central nervous system!

I am really excited about this because I have seen how this method works! It is not another cookie cutter solution and each employee gets data and solutions that are tailored made to them specifically on a physical and mental level.

After the employee receives their data report with recommendations, one on one coaching is offered to support the employees even further so they have someone they can speak to confidentially.

Re- measurement is done in 6 months time to show progress made.

I highly recommend that you contact Autonomtalent and find out more from them as this lies in your area of interest.

The thread of the discussion can be read here. You need to join the group first if you are not yet part of it.


Musings on Communication!

After I had a misunderstanding with a friend the other day it got me thinking again about communication. Communication is only partly the words and tones you use. Communication is only partly your body language. The main part of communication is actual the” in between” bits. It is the interpretation bit.
It is the bit in between your words leaving your mouth and images and shapes forming in your listener’s mind. It is the bit in between your body gestures and the conclusion formed in your observers mind. The main part of communication which is its interpretation is in a realm outside of your influence. A very astute communicator is able to influence their audience so that even when they do not communicate anything specific, a meaningful message is still received by the crowd.  How do they do this? The communicator uses vague language. The crowd is therefore,  left to interpret the message in a way that is meaningful to them. This is a powerful technique when you wish to influence but not if you wish to give some specific and detailed information.
It is clearly in the word itself: interpret. To interpret means to “assign meaning to”, “conceptualise the meaning of”, “construe”. You can watch your words, be a master of body language but all in vain if your listener’s interpretation is way off your original course.
No wonder most people say:  “The book was better than the movie!”  The words in the book will conjure up for each individual a better fitting visual image because they each create their own tailor- made imaginary world. The words in the book remain the same but the images in the readers head will vary tremendously to align the word with experiences, beliefs and acquired logic.
Imagine what a “tall, lonely hero stood on the crest of the hill, wind bellowing about his long, dark coat.” would look like to you. Imagine what they would look like to an Asian or African person. Imagine what they would look like to a lesbian, to a priest, to a dwarf. The world of mental imagery is vast and out of your circle of control.
 One way you can ensure that what you communicate is actually interpreted as you intended, is to get clarification.
By asking some very good questions and listening intently to their responses. By getting your listener to repeat back what they have understood is one of the best ways to avoid any potential  mis-communication and mis-interpretations. Beware though that people can simply repeat your words back to you and still have a different interpretation in their minds. This is the easiest hurdle to trip over.  Get clarification by asking what your communicated message means to them. What does it look like to them and what have they understood.

This quote says it all:
“The meaning of the communication is the response it elicits!”


A Passionate Life!

Passion is……..
I was at a birthday party yesterday hosted by some wonderful friends of ours at their beautiful home. The afternoon was mellow and the mood of the group gathered there was relaxed. Striking up conversations with various friends of friends was enjoyable and full of laughs. A conversation with one member of the family took a deeper turn as the topic of “what to do next” with one’s life slithered into first place.  To offer some direction I asked the lady what it was she was passionate about and she answered: making money. Someone else interjected at this point that this was not a passion. “Making money cannot be a passion in life!” was their opinion. So readers what do you think? Can making money be the drive, the passion and the statement of your life? What do you say to this? Whatever you may think can or cannot be a passion is interesting but not as interesting as defining what your passions are. This is something that is unfortunately, not taught in schools as far as I am aware, but it ought to be. Everyone needs to know this for themselves. It is very important. So ask yourself today:
What is it that I am passionate about?
If I was rich and didn’t need to work, how would I choose to spend my time? Once I had done that what would I do next?
What activity causes me to lose all track of time? Time just seems to race by when I am ………………
Our passions are not to be confused with our addictions.
A dictionary definition of Passion is: a strong enthusiasm for something or an absorbing occupation, activity, or pursuit in which such interest is shown
A dictionary definition of Addiction is: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.
Why is it important to define this more precisely? Without our passions who are we really? Passions define the side of ourselves that is free, the part of us that has joy and love for something. Passions are positive and fill us with endless amounts of energy.
 Wouldn’t it be great to have more of it in your life? This is how you can:
1.       Make a list of all the things that make you soar
2.       Are all the things on your list healthy and positive?
3.       Find ways to incorporate the positive and healthy passions in your daily life
4.       At the end of each day do a mental  recap of what was good about the day
5.       Keep repeating day after day after day……





I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful author at his latest book reading in Kuala Lumpur. What fascinated me the most was his natural ability to just go with the flow! He would simply plan his trips abroad by booking an entry ticket to one city and an exit ticket from another city, on the other side of the country. The bit in the middle was completely unplanned! Wherever the road led him he would go. If he liked a place he would linger. If he met a stranger who spoke of a place he would follow them there. Nothing was forced or squeezed or rushed about his method of travel. Everything was “go with the flow”. Everything was done in complete faith alone. Of course the questions were asked: “Were you never in danger?”, “Did you ever run out of money?”, “Did you ever have nowhere to sleep?”. The answers were no, no and no. Unbelievable!! His book tells the tales of his journeys and all the serendipitous events that happen to him, leading him to self-discovery and solid friendships. The whole idea pulled a rubber band in me that snapped back when I remembered my brief flirt with leaving my plans to a higher being. Otherwise, I tend to be the complete opposite. I am a “to-do list” devotee and a partisan planner. I don’t board a plane without some preliminary research on my destination and pre-booked accommodation. I sat listening to him in awe!
There is, I believe, a real value to you if you are able to have both traits in your life. There is a place for planning, setting goals and working towards them. There is a place for holding and controlling all the threads in your life! There is too, a place for not doing, just being and going with the flow. Taking the unplanned occurrences  as opportunities and letting the threads go!
So what type of person are you?
Be curious about what it must be like to be the opposite?
Give it a try. For one day only, challenge yourself to either plan ahead or go with the flow.
Remember that doing either one for a prolonged time without deviation will not necessarily benefit you but having a bit of both definitely will. Even the author has to come back home from his travels and fit back into the structure of our modern world. He however, has a different compass, turning its dial in him. For even back in the rigid, modern world he can create his own inner freedom and find the space to share his “flow” with us; to share how to bring freedom home!

By Erika Zechner
Author is: Tham Chee Wah
Book title: Invite Freedom Home 


Stress and burnout in Malaysia- what does the future hold?

>> Monday, 4 March 2013


Malaysia is a south eastern Asian country with a population of 28 million people. Currently classed as a developing nation, Malaysia is fully engaged in an economic transformation plan known as the “ Vision 2020”. The plan was introduced by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Dato Seri Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad. The strategic goal is to turn Malaysia into a self-sufficient, developed, industrialised nation by the year 2020. As a fast growing nation, Malaysia is experiencing certain challenges when it comes to talent management and work-life balance in the workforce. As a start, there is a talent gap that needs to be filled in various disciplines. In several business sectors in Malaysia there are initiatives required to ensure that the correct talent is being recruited and that skilled employees are being retained. The well being of employees also needs to be closely monitored as they grapple with increased workload, lack of skilled employees and in some cases language and cultural barriers.

Longer working hours is becoming common place in Malaysia and there is a tendency towards a culture of “admiring” employees who stay back and work late into the evening.  Family, on the other hand, is also highly valued in Malaysian culture and this will often come in conflict with the need to work late, leading to tension and stress.

As the recruitment agency Adecco states : ”..many countries- including Malaysia- are experiencing labour shortages and have a need for a deeper pool of talent.  Malaysia has its fair share of foreign talent in the workplace, but what is crucial is the continued development of home grown talent to meet the country’s labour needs.” 

All companies in Malaysia with a drive for “kaizen” (constant improvement) on a foundation of a scarce talent pool will require high levels of strategic planning, precise recruitment techniques, talent acceleration programmes as well as mentorship programmes. In the process they mustn’t forget the need for a  balanced work culture of task and people orientation as per Hofsted’s masculine and feminine cultural dynamics. This is where Autonom Talent can offer the most benefit! Cutting through cultural biases and barriers, Autonom Talent’s measurement via ECG will provide clear and accurate data from which any talent acceleration programme can be created. With a tailor-made approach, Autonom talent will be able to provide unique support through coaching, consulting and training.

The end result will be:

·         increased talent via up-skilling and recruitment,

·         reduced costs by retaining and promoting talent,

·         develop potential  through mentoring  and coaching

·         higher levels of productivity by motivated, energised employees

As Mahathir stated in his 2020 vision: “In our drive to move vigorously ahead nothing is more important than the development of human resources.... it is blindingly clear that the most important resource of any nation must be the talents, skills, creativity and will of its people. Our people are our ultimate resource. ..Malaysia must give the fullest emphasis possible to the development of this ultimate resource.”

 I am extremely  excited about pioneering  the AutonomTalent methodology here in Malaysia!  It provides the exact technique and support needed to assist companies and individuals with their goals to bridge the gap in inter-personal soft skills and provide the foundation to minimise tension and overload in the work place.

 Best of all, we will be helping people and businesses grow their talent in a challenging environment and in the process provide measurement tools to avoid the pitfalls of stress and burnout that often plagues developed nations!


Adecco 2010: Future Trends in Human Resources and Talent attraction strategies in Malaysia

Wawasan 2020: The Way Forward presented by His Excellency YAB Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the Malaysian Business Council



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